Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Photo Reference

As I keep painting, I'm excited to have more colorful stuff to post on here. Yesterday, I tackled painting this spread that you may remember from a few months back. As you may remember, each letter has inside it a different scene from somewhere I encountered along my travels. To accurately depict them, I used photos I took while in those places as a guide for sketching and, yesterday, for painting. Instead of showing the whole spread, I thought I'd share a more detailed look, along with the photo references I looked at while painting.

I'll show the photo, then the painting. The references are just that: references-- meaning that in some cases, they are very similar, and in some cases, the paintings are less exact copies and more just about the general idea from the photograph.

1) A gorgeous fountain in Regents Park in Late April:

2) A view of the Blue Mosque from the Topkapi Palace in Istanbul:

3) The London Eye reflected in a puddle near the Hungerford Pedestrian Bridge, taken my first day in London:

4) I.M. Pei's pyramids outside the Louvre in Paris.

Hope you enjoyed these little glimpses-- I want to save the spread as a whole as a surprise for when the book gets published. I've got more painting to do this afternoon, so keep a look out for more frequent posts as I go.

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