Monday, January 11, 2010

Page #1!

Finally, process pictures!

The photocopy of page 1 laid out on watercolor paper with carbon paper for transferring.

The carbon paper transfer on watercolor paper, ready for me to paint.

The after-image on the back of the carbon paper itself. (Not really a part of the process, I just thought it was neat.)

Painting! A base layer of red. (In London, I lived in a brick building painted bright red with complex white molding. And I decided to paint it all. Haha. As my mother said, "You certainly didn't give yourself anything easy.")

Starting to add some grey tones to to the street and windows.

Some lovely greenery in the windows now, plus getting the background

Painting some lovely irises. They actually grew on our flat's terrace, and bloomed just a few weeks before we left England. They made me very happy.

After adding some detail to the red brick facade and finishing the flowers, I go in with my Micron pen for lettering and outlining.

And voila! The first peek at the first page.

As always, comments are appreciated. And there will be many more like this to come, so keep checking back! See you again soon.

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  1. I really enjoyed watching your progress on this page when you were home over the holiday break -- and I think you've captured the essence of being surrounded by rows of brick structures. This picture reminds me of the neighborhood in Philly where I grew up, although it has more of a sense of exitement and exploration and gentility to it. I especially enjoy the irises up on the balcony, so serene and graceful against their sharp-edged architectural backdrop.