Monday, February 8, 2010

Notre Dame

Before I get started, happy birthday to my mom! Without her, none of this-- my semester abroad, my artistic talent, this project, and my existence (heehee)-- would ever have happened. So thanks and happy birthday, Mom!

I've finished another four pages for this week, but I thought I'd show the process on one of them.

My reference photo: Notre Dame Cathedral, Paris. Gorgeous.

Laying down light washes of color.

Filling in the secondary areas of color.

Adding some detail and shading with watercolor pencil and tiny brushes.

Getting darker with my shading.

The final page: completely painted, with pen outlines for the cathedral and text boxes.

It's amazing how something that takes so much time to make takes next to no time to post on a blog. Hehe. I think next time when I do one of these process posts, I'm going to include time stamps for all the pictures, so you know how long it takes for me to complete a page. But until then, I hope you enjoyed our little trip to Paris.

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  1. Thanks, Bri, for remembering my birthday -- and for noting my several contributions to your budding career as an artist. I'm delighted to be mentioned alongside your lovely rendering of such an iconic cathedral in Paris. I'm particulalry impressed with how well you've captured the enormous rose window on the center front of the building. Perhaps, someday, I'll get to see it in person.