Monday, October 12, 2009

More Sketches

Hey everyone!  Hadn't updated in almost a week, so I thought I'd share a few more sketches from my time abroad.  

Our school in London sponsored a day trip to Bath, where we got to see the old hot springs and baths, tour the town, and drink Bath spring water.  (Which, according to a Charles Dickens character, tastes like "warm flat irons."  Dear Charles Dickens, you were right about that one.)  This is a sketch of the Great Roman Bath.  

The fountains in Regents Park are absolutely gorgeous.  I drew this sketch in late April (the date is in the bottom left corner) when all the flowers were in bloom and everything was so picturesque.  My last couple weeks in London, I made it a habit of going to Regents Park and just wandering around.  (Since I have no sense of direction, getting lost isn't that much of a stretch for me, hehe.)

This spread has two sketches: on the left is Allie sitting at the Ivy House, a pub near our school building.  On the right is the famous author Philip Pullman.  Allie, my friend Jackie, and I took a train up to Oxford to see him speak about his trilogy His Dark Materials.  I took copious notes during his talk-- I will probably share some of them here soon, as I took a lot of his words as advice for starting my own writing endeavor, which has turned into this graphic novel.

On the top of this spread is another sketch from our trip to Oxford: Jackie sitting on the lawn of one of the many colleges on the Oxford campus.  On the bottom, sideways, are some quotes from the Philip Pullman lecture we had just attended together.

That's all for now.  Progress on spreads will be coming up in the next couple of days.  But I hope you liked the sketches!  And be sure to check back soon for more graphic novel goodness.

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