Friday, September 18, 2009


Hello and welcome to my blog.  If you're here, chances are you already know about me and my project, but just in case...

Hi!  My name is Brianna.  Originally from the Philadelphia area, I am a senior at Syracuse University majoring in Communications Design and minoring in creative writing.  I am also in the Honors Program, which requires an in-depth thesis project senior year.  

My project:
I spent spring semester of my junior year studying design in London, and visited several other cities while over there.  While there, I sketched, took photographs and video, wrote, and just absorbed as much as I could.  This was all in preparation for my Capstone, which I decided (with some encouragement) should be a graphic novel based on my experiences abroad.  Why a graphic novel?  Well, two reasons.  One, my major is design, so while it would be more expected of me to do a more design-oriented project, Honors Capstone is an opportunity to explore something in-depth that you don't normally get to do.  Two, I am a huge nerd.  So combine those two, and you get my ambition to write, illustrate, and publish my own graphic novel.

My blog:
This blog is for updates on my year-long process of writing, editing, sketching, inking, coloring, publishing, reminiscing, and sharing.  Not all of it will be strictly process-driven-- I will also post about my inspirations, my time abroad, anecdotes, and anything else I feel is relevant to the project overall.  Comments, questions, and encouragement are welcome and appreciated.  I will be updating once a week, if not more, so keep an eye out for upcoming posts.

That's about all for now.  Cheers!

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  1. We are eagerly awaiting the first of the process. In boca del lupo!